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Geography and climate in Lanta

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Lanta is a resort located 120 km south of Krabi. The archipelago consists of two islands: the uninhabited Lanta Noi and the young island resort of Lanta Yai. Lanta was discovered for tourists just a few years ago, so the very atmosphere of the island literally breathes with the originality of a tropical village.

From Krabi to the island you can get by plane or by ferry. The total travel time will be about two hours.

The terrain in the east of the island is mountainous, covered with tropical forests. The rest of the resort is home to forests and sandy beaches. There is only one city on Lanta Yai, surrounded by a network of coastal villages.

Lanta's time zone: GMT +7 (+3 hours to Moscow).


The climate on the island is tropical, which is characterized by periods of intense heat and rainy seasons.

Heavy rain falls here over several months, from August to early November. Then clear sunny weather sets in for six months. The air temperature during this period is + 25 ... 28 ° С. It is on these days that the high tourist season begins, which lasts until mid-spring.

In April, the temperature rises to 40 ° C, and resort life on the island stops for a while.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Lanta.Geography and climate in Lanta

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