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Fountain in Turkey, Side resort

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The monumental fountain Nymphaeum today is one of the unique architectural monuments of Turkey. The fountain was built in honor of the Roman emperor Vespasian, around the 2nd century BC

The fountain is located in the northeastern part of the city directly opposite the Great Gate. At the base of the fountain there is a large pool, which was filled with water flowing through an aqueduct from the nearby Manavgat River.

At the moment, only two floors of the structure have survived. According to historians, the fountain originally had three floors. In the architecture of the building, marble niches were used, in each of which water streams flowed. The fountain was also decorated with exquisite statues and Corinthian columns.

From the outside, the structure was faced with marble and decorated with original frescoes.

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Topic: Fountain in Turkey, Side resort.Fountain in Turkey, Side resort

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