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Agora in Turkey, Side resort

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Agora in Side is located next to the city museum. Until now, only a few columns and the foundation of the old temple have survived from the agora.

In the ancient era, there were two agoras in the city, but only one survived. The city was a large shopping center and often the trading squares served as a place for the slave trade.

You can get to the agora through the Propylion gate, located opposite the city museum. The square is surrounded by granite columns, and in the corners there are pedestals with statues.

Previously, the agora was surrounded by powerful walls, and there were two entrances to the square. The square and other structures on its territory were built in the 2nd century AD. The Agora was specially built near the theater, so that the audience had time to hide during sudden sieges.

Today, in the center of the square, one can observe the ruins of the round temple of Tyche – goddess of luck and chance. Legend has it that it was Tyche who ruled the fate of the city. In her honor, a temple with a place of worship was built in the city, which was surrounded by columns with cornices.

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Topic: Agora in Turkey, Side resort.Agora in Turkey, Side resort

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