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Fountain of Neptune in Italy, Bologna resort

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The Neptune Fountain is one of the main tourist attractions in the historic center of Bolny. The fountain is located opposite the entrance to Palazzo Re Enzo.
The fountain was erected in 1567 on the site of old residential buildings that were specially demolished for this occasion. The author of the sculpture of Neptune is the sculptor Giambologna, who took the Neptune fountain located in Florence as a model. The fountain is 3.2 meters high and weighs about 2.2 tons.
The base of the fountain was made of local stone, the exterior was made of Verona marble. The central figure of Neptune is surrounded by various bronze sculptures created in the form of the inhabitants of his kingdom - dolphins, sirens, heavenly creatures and cherubs. On the sides there are papal heraldic shields. The image of Neptune himself was captured on a pedestal with a trident in his hands.
All sculptures of the fountain are naked, which has repeatedly become the cause of controversy and censure. Some residents suggested covering the `` causal places '' with fig leaves. On this occasion, a referendum was organized, in which most of the residents spoke out against any changes to the masterpiece.
Water enters the fountain through an aqueduct from the Remonda spring, located in the vicinity of the monastery of San Michele in Bosco. The aqueduct was designed by Tommaso Laureti.
Throughout its history, the fountain has been completely restored several times. The last large-scale restoration work took place here in 1988-1990.

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Topic: Fountain of Neptune in Italy, Bologna resort.Fountain of Neptune in Italy, Bologna resort

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