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Military Museum in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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The Istanbul Military Museum was opened within the walls of the former military academy in 1993. The building of the Military Museum is located just north of Taksim Square. The exposition of the museum is extremely extensive and interesting for lovers of history and military affairs.

The number of exhibits exceeds 9   000 units, located in 22 halls. The museum reserves store another 40   000 exhibits. The vast majority of them reflect the military history of the country for many centuries.

Here you can see the artillery pieces of the Ottoman Empire, samples of military uniforms, original edged weapons, presented in different versions. In addition, the museum's exposition includes luxurious silk tents of Turkish military leaders, as well as completely unique items. For example, the chain that was stretched across the Golden Horn in 1453, in order to detain the fleet of the Turkish Sultan, leading his ships to Byzantium.

In the left wing of the Military Museum there are premises for various conferences. On the lower floor of the museum, you can view ancient bows, arrows, and a section of firearms. The upper floor is dedicated to the period of the First World War, as well as the War of Independence of Turkey. The janissary military band performs daily in the courtyard of the museum (from 3 pm to 4 pm).

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Topic: Military Museum in Turkey, Istanbul resort.Military Museum in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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