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Military History Museum (Arsenal) in Austria, Vienna spa

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The Military History Museum is located in the south-eastern part of Vienna. The building that houses the museum today was designed by architects Theophil Hansen and Ludwig Foerster. It was built by order of Franz Joseph I.

In the past, the building of the military history museum housed weapons production shops and military barracks. This museum is one of the oldest military museums in the world.

The building of the museum is built of red bricks with snow-white openwork arches, oriental domes and Gothic roses (Byzantine style).

The museum consists of 5 rooms, which show the entire history of the victories of the Habsburg dynasty from the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century and the history of the Austrian monarchy. The main hall of the museum is dedicated to the memory of military leaders, and four more halls host exhibitions.

The interior of the museum surprises with its royal beauty: painted ceilings, glittering floors, marble columns, gilding and bronze.

Among the exhibits in the museum you can see weapons of the Ottoman Empire, armor of medieval knights, personal belongings and portraits of emperors of Austria, a large number of tanks (American, Soviet, French, British - all that were involved in the Second World War), national military uniform. But the largest collection of the museum is the collection of bronze cannons (about 550).

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Topic: Military History Museum (Arsenal) in Austria, Vienna spa.Military History Museum (Arsenal) in Austria, Vienna spa

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