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Military History Museum in Germany, Dresden spa

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Dresden Military History Museum – one of   two of the largest military museums in Germany. The museum is specialized, as it presents the complete history of the development of military technology from the emergence of the German-speaking countries to the present day. A record number of exhibits – over a million – represent military affairs from insignia and buttons   to aviation and heavy armored vehicles.

The museum building was built in 1877. As the main arsenal of the Dresden garrison. In 1923 the Museum of the Saxon Army was opened here. After World War II, all German military museums were closed,   and part of the museum property is exported to the Soviet Union. The building is used for city exhibitions and events. In 1972, it was decided to establish the GDR Army Museum. Its exposition dealt with the history of the armies of the Warsaw Pact and East Germany. Some exhibits are returning from the USSR.

Current name – « Military History Museum of the Armed   forces of Germany '' - appeared in 1990. From that moment on, rarities of the entire military history of Germany have been collected here, considerable attention is paid to the Saxon period.

The Germans carefully monitor the reorganization and renewal of the museum exposition. Recent changes have made the museum interesting for visitors of all ages. There will always be those anyone interested in taking a look at a 15th century siege weapon or the first German submarine in 1850. Among the exhibits there is also a bell that sank at the beginning of XX   cruisers. For lovers of the cruel Middle Ages, an exhibition of Saxon torture devices is open.

It is interesting that the modern reading of the exposition of the Military History Museum focuses not so much on military equipment, but on the causes and consequences of war. In the center is a man with his imperfection and genius, with fear and hopes, passions and thirsts. In addition to real weapons, the museum also displays toys that children use to play war games. Paper planes, slingshots and sticks - shooting games. And in the next room, what may be a consequence of the war – for example, human limb prostheses. The style of the interior in the museum literally pushes a person to the floor, so that there is no way to feel free. It looks like bombs are falling from the ceiling. The arsenal set up against the walls literally crushes from all sides. Thoughts involuntarily come to mind how terrible it is to kill and be killed.


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Topic: Military History Museum in Germany, Dresden spa.Military History Museum in Germany, Dresden spa

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