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Luxor Temple in Egypt, Luxor Resort

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Luxor Temple is one of the most magnificent temple complexes in all of Egypt. It is located near the city of Luxor, on the east coast of the Nile, in the place where the city of Thebes used to be. The temple is dedicated to three ancient Egyptian gods: Amon, his wife Mut and son Khonsu.

At the entrance to the Temple there is the Avenue of the Sphinxes. She retained her previous appearance – it is a road paved with stones, on both sides of which there are sphinxes with human heads. The alley was laid during the time of Pharaoh Nektanebe I. It served to connect the Luxor and Karnak temples.

The Luskor temple begins with the First pylon 24 meters high. It was built during the time of Ramses II. The pylon is decorated with drawings dedicated to various military victories of the pharaoh. Others, later pharaohs, also captured their military achievements on this pylon.

Gate in the pylon – this is the passage to the peristyle courtyard. This courtyard was also armed during the time of Ramses II. Further you can see the colonnade, built already under Amenhotep III. The Colonnade is a hundred-meter long corridor with fourteen rows of papyrus-shaped columns.

In ancient times, six statues of Ramses II stood at the entrance to the temple. Only three statues have survived to this day. Two more were restored by restorers from Chicago.

Another colonnade, also built under Amenhotep III – this is the Hypostyle Hall. It consists of 32 columns and leads to the main part of the temple. This main part housed the main shrine of the temple – the barque of Amun.

The length of the entire temple – from the north wall to the entrance – is 260 meters.

The Luxor temple functioned until about the 1st century BC. Then the city of Thebes and its temples were destroyed by Ptolemy, and the temple ceased to function.  

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Topic: Luxor Temple in Egypt, Luxor Resort.Luxor Temple in Egypt, Luxor Resort

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