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City Museum in Turkey, Fethiye resort

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One of the city's main attractions is its museum. Today, the museum has exhibits from all over the city and its surrounding areas such as Leonton and Tlos. In ancient times, all these cities were part of the state of Lycia, located in the southern part of Asia Minor. Nowadays, this territory is occupied by the province of Antalya.

The idea of creating a museum originated in the 60s of the 20th century, but the building itself was built in 1987. The exposition of the museum is divided into two sections – ethnographic and archaeological.

Museum exhibits are priceless works of art, among which you can observe handicraft examples of the early Greeks, Lycians, Romans, Persians, Ottomans and Byzantines. Also interesting are marble busts, tombstone reliefs and sarcophagi, found during excavations in Xantoth, Letoon and the nearest settlements of the Lycians.

The museum also displays the oldest amphorae, coins of different eras, fragments of capitals and columns, monumental sculptures and majestic busts.

The most striking exhibit of the museum is the Stone Stele, notable for its inscriptions dating from 358 BC. The inscriptions on the stele, executed in Lycian, Aramaic and Greek, made a significant contribution to the deciphering of Lycian texts.

Another no less interesting exhibit in the museum is the sculpture ''Girl with a Dove''. According to historians, the sculpture was made in ancient times and is directly related to the cult of Artemis.

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Topic: City Museum in Turkey, Fethiye resort.City Museum in Turkey, Fethiye resort

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