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Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Adana Resort

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The Adana Archaeological Museum, established in 1924, is considered one of the oldest in Turkey. In 1950, the museum was moved to the building where the Ethnographic Museum is located today, and in 1972 the building was given to the museum, where it is located today.

Today, the Archaeological Museum displays the most valuable exhibits discovered during excavations.   On the ground floor, you can see a collection of works made of stone. The bas-reliefs, reliefs and high-reliefs on granite collected here reflect the scenes of the war of Troy. Also, the tomb of Medusa and the statue of Karatash deserve special attention.

One of the halls of the museum contains works of art related to the pre-Ottoman period, found in Chukurovo. Here you can see statues of Tengri, sacrifice supplies, statues of goddesses, as well as animals and humans.

It is also worth visiting the Art Hall, which today houses a large collection of art, some of which were purchased from other museums, and some were discovered during excavations. It houses glass items of various shapes, as well as seals that belonged to various countries of antiquity.

In the `` hall of coins and seals '' you can see the first coins cast in Lydia, as well as money from other eras and periods, and jewelry found during excavations in Adana.  

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Topic: Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Adana Resort.Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Adana Resort

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