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Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Alanya resort

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The opening of the Alanya Archaeological Museum took place in 1967. Today the museum is divided into two sectors - archeology and ethnographic art.

A tour of the museum begins with the architectural monuments of the Bronze Age, Ancient Greece, Byzantium and Ancient Rome. Most of the exhibits were brought from Antalya museums. This was done in order to emphasize the important historical significance of Antalya and demonstrate the level of art of the masters of antiquity.

In the large hall you can see a collection of Byzantine and ancient Roman items made of bronze, marble, glass and fired clay.

One of the features of the exposition of the archaeological museum is a rich collection of ash vessels, which today represent a kind of symbol of the museum. According to historians, these vessels were an integral part of burials.

The department of ethnographic art displays items found in the city of Alanya and its surrounding areas. Clothes, household items, adornments, weapons are vivid examples of the skill of Turkish craftsmen. Here you can also see carvings from wood, weaving and weapons of the Ottoman period - swords, rifles and bows.

In the covered gallery of the museum there are fragments of ancient buildings and sculptures, as well as writing of the Seljuk period, made on stone.

One of the pearls of the museum is the bronze sculpture of Hercules, found 35 kilometers from Alanya in 1967. The sculpture dates from the 2nd century AD. Also interesting are fragments of ancient inscriptions and a stone gravestone stele dating from the 1st century BC  

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Topic: Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Alanya resort.Archaeological Museum in Turkey, Alanya resort

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