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Archaeological Museum in Greece, Thessaloniki

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This city museum was opened in 1962. It displays exhibits from the prehistoric era, miniatures and sculptures of the archaic and classical eras, finds from Vergina and Derveni, and much more. The permanent exhibition is called Treasures of Ancient Macedonia.

The first room contains parts of the Ionian temple that date back to the 6th century BC.

Exposition of the second room – these are sculptures found in various regions of Macedonia, and especially in Thessaloniki. The sculptures belong to the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic eras.

The third hall presents the history of Thessaloniki from ancient times to the end of the Antiquity.

The fifth and sixth halls are occupied by reliefs, sculptures, gravestones and monuments from the Roman era, which were found during excavations in the city.

In the seventh room you can see the gravestones. The main exhibit of this hall is – the restored facade of the tombstone of Saint Praskovia, found in Thessaloniki.

The eighth room displays everything that was found during the excavation of 121 Sindo burials, which date from the archaic and early classical eras.

Ninth a hall called 'Macedonian Gold' is dedicated to the use of gold for making coins, decoration and ornaments. Here you can also learn about the mining and processing of gold in ancient Macedonia.

In the tenth room you can learn about the history of Macedonia and Thessaloniki, as well as about the work of researchers of the early 20th century.

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Topic: Archaeological Museum in Greece, Thessaloniki.Archaeological Museum in Greece, Thessaloniki

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