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Rest and entertainment in Kakheti

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The main direction of tours to Kakheti is called by many agencies very romantic – The Land of Wine and Love. Such programs are aimed at visiting the Kakhetian vineyards, ancient cellars, as well as some factories producing the national drink.

Singahi is considered to be the city of love. a small Kakhetian town, without which no tour of the region is complete.



The key cultural event of Kakheti every autumn is the festival Rtveli – or vintage festival. It is during the period from September to October that the largest number of guests visits Kakheti, who will be invited not only to see the process of making wine, but also to take part in it.

Kakheti is also famous for its many attractions. They are scattered throughout the region, so sightseeing tours in this area can take up almost the entire allotted vacation.

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Topic: Rest and entertainment in Kakheti.Rest and entertainment in Kakheti

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