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Sights of Borjomi

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Excursion visits for organized groups of tourists start from Borjomi Regional Museum. Opened in 1926 in the building of the former imperial chancellery, it has become a real treasury of local importance. Now unique collections related to the centuries-old history of the city are collected here.


Borjomi Local History Museum

Known as Romanov Palace, aka – Likani Palace is mistakenly called a landmark of Borjomi, although it is located in the neighboring village of Likani. However, there is no official border, therefore, the village is often included in the city. The palace itself is unique – it is an example of pre-revolutionary architecture of the late 19th century. Now it has the status of the presidential residence, so access inside is limited.

But the house of Mirza Riza Khan, which has become the official symbol of the city, can be visited and examined at any time. It was built at about the same time period as the Romanov Palace. Now there is a museum site with a permanent historical exhibition.


House of Mirza-Riza-khan

Ruins of the ancient Atskuri fortress are located on a high cliff at the very outskirts of Borjomi. It is believed that the first buildings appeared here in the 9th century. Partially preserved frescoes are an object of special protection of the historical heritage of Georgia.

The temple of the former monastery complex Timotesubani, located in the suburb of the same name in Borjomi, appeared in the XII century. It was consecrated in honor of the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin, and every year, on August 28th, solemn services are held here.

The key natural attraction of the resort's surroundings, of course, is Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. You should only visit it if you agree on the route in the information center, in order to protect yourself in case you get lost.

If you want to leave Borjomi more, more than 80 km, it is worth getting to the Vadzia cave monastery. This is a unique object of the XIII century – all cells and prayer halls are carved right into the sheer cliff, and some rooms go 50 meters deep into the mountain.


Vadzia Cave Monastery

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