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Attractions of Kakheti

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Sightseeing in Kakheti begins with its capital – Telavi, namely – from the historic city center. The pearl of the area is – Batonis Tsikhe, or the castle of Heraclius II. The unique fortress with a palace-residence was finally completed in the 18th century. Now there are several museum sites with the richest collections.


Batonis Tsikhe

IMPORTANT: Both the fortress itself and the monument to Heraclius standing in front of it II can be seen in several scenes of the legendary film by Georgy Danelia `` Mimino ''. In general, a lot of textured episodes of the film were filmed in Kakheti.

There are other interesting objects in Telavi. For example, the sycamore tree located south of the fortress square. It is famous for the fact that its age, according to local natural scientists, is more than 800 years old.

The outskirts of Telavi, like many other Kakhetian cities, are famous for their monastic complexes. Here it is – Shuamta monastery. There is the so-called Old and New Monasteries, they are located approximately at the same distance from each other. Most often, tourists are brought to the old complex, founded in the 5th century.


Shaumta Monastery

Also not far from Telavi are the ruins of Ikaltoy Academy, where, according to some chronicles, Shota Rustaveli studied.

Among the sights of the city are Gurjaani local museums are often called, of which there are many. The most famous complex – this is the Museum of Military Glory named after Shalikashvili. There is also a memorial to the Heroes of the Great Patriotic War and a small History Museum.

Of the house-museums in Gurjaani, it is worth visiting Joseph Noneshvili Museum – an outstanding Georgian poet and publicist, whose poems were translated into Russian by Bella Akhmadulina. Also in the city you can visit the house-museum of Nato Vachnadze, the honored actress of the Stalin era.


Joseph Noneshvili Museum

Not far from Gurjaani there is a resort Akhtala. The mud bath was opened in the 19th century, and in the Soviet era it was awarded the title of a health resort of all-Union significance. Its sanatoriums still operate today, and excursions in the surrounding area include the Kvelatsminda Monastery, founded in the 6th century.

The city of Sagarejo is not distinguished by a large number of attractions, except for the old Sagareja temple, there are no historical buildings here. But in the surrounding villages you can find the most real monuments of medieval architecture of Georgia. Cathedral of Ninotsminda, built in the 7th century, is one of such places.

The small town Kvareli is known for the fortress of the same name, and in the city of Akhmeta there is an interesting Alaverdi monastery. The shrine was founded in the XI century, but today the buildings of the XV-XVII centuries have been preserved here. The cathedral of the monastery is a candidate for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Alaverdi Monastery

The famous wine-making village Tsinandali – by itself – an attraction, but it also has its own unique objects. Of course, Tsinandali wineries are beyond competition – tours with tasting and inspection of production workshops are always popular.

There is also a House-Museum of Alexander Chavchavadze – representative of the princely family, who opened a wine production here in the 1820s. The house has retained the unique atmosphere of a 19th century mansion. There is also the possibility of wine tasting, stored in an old cellar.

Gremi Castle, located in the village of the same name, is a monument of Georgian architecture of the 16th century. Despite the difficult history and numerous forays of the Persians in these lands, the castle has been preserved in good condition, and now it is a modern museum complex with convenient parking and souvenir shops.


Gremi Castle

Mirzaani village is known as the birthplace of the cult Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani, here is also his house-museum. Excursions around it allow not only to join the work of the brilliant painter, but also to get acquainted with his sad biography, an episode from which became the basis of the Soviet hit `` A Million Scarlet Roses. ''

District Dedoplistskaro known for the ancient fortress Hornabuji, presumably built in the 5th century. The ruins of a fortress standing on a high rock, now – site of numerous excavations and excursions. It is interesting that you can get to the rock only through a cave where bats live.

Unique Vashlovani National Park – one of the most valuable natural objects of Kakheti and Georgia in general. Now it is a full-fledged recreation area with cottages and walking paths. The park itself is huge

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