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Geography and climate in Kutaisi

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The city Kutaisi is located in the western part of Georgia in the Imereti region. The settlement was founded on the banks of the Rioni. Compared to other Georgian cities, Kutaisi can be attributed to those cities that are located in the low-lying zone. The maximum height above sea level in the city is 300 meters, and the total height difference does not exceed 150 meters.

The population of Kutaisi is average, even by the standards of Georgia. The total number at the beginning of 2015 was 195   000 people. Due to the change in political status, the city is experiencing annual population growth.

The ethnic composition of Kutaisi differs little from other Georgian cities. The titular ethnos are Georgians – almost 90% of the population. In second place are the Russians, in third place – Armenians.

You can get to Kutaisi by plane – Domodedovo Airport several times a week sends planes of two Russian airlines to the Kutaisi air harbor. At the moment, the flights have a regular basis, so the departure schedule is relatively stable. The flight time is 2.5 hours.

By land, the city can be reached by train or intercity bus from Tbilisi. The cities have regular communication, and the distance of 220 km is covered in 3 hours.

IMPORTANT: Currently, the Tbilisi-Kutaisi route is served by the largest carriers of Georgia. Each passenger now has the opportunity to book and buy tickets online on the websites of transport companies.

The climatic zone of Kutaisi belongs to the transitional type – from the Mediterranean to the humid subtropics. Summers are warm and relatively dry here. The peak of rainfall occurs in spring and autumn, at the same time strong winds and floods are possible.


Kutaisi in winter

The temperature in August rarely drops below +29 o C in shadows. On especially hot days, sharp rises up to +40 o C are possible. Winter in the city is cool, but not harsh, as in the eastern regions of Georgia.

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Topic: Geography and climate in Kutaisi.Geography and climate in Kutaisi

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