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Information about Jonkoping Sweden

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Since Jonkoping is a city located in ecologically clean area, the main direction of tourism here is tours with going out into nature and living outside the city in one-story houses on the shore lakes. For the purity of its water, Lake Vettern is included in the list of the cleanest bodies of water in Scandinavia, therefore, there is always a demand for this place.

Shopping lovers will be pleasantly surprised, because in Jonkoping a very large selection of shops of things from Swedish designers. Seemingly small shops can be spacious inside shops where you can buy not only clothes or accessories, but also interesting gifts and handmade souvenirs.

As for excursion tourism, here Jonkoping differs, if not in the breadth of possibilities, then in convenience. The city has long been industrial center of Sweden, so its cultural life developed slower. But now the city center is completely devoted to pedestrians, which allows conduct regular excursions and just walk around Jonkoping as part of the tour.

At the moment, the development of the city has only allowed three museums, one of which is directly related to the industrial history of Jonkoping. This museum is Factory Museum "Huskvarna". Today the plant is responsible for construction equipment, as well as for mining equipment, but it was once Sweden's largest enterprise produced a variety of equipment. The museum exposition begins with an exhibition of muskets and hunting rifles produced by the plant. One of the most interesting halls is a hall with motorcycles, which were assembled at the factory in the second half of the XX century.


The second Jonkoping Museum located on the main street of the city, is the Museum of Radio. Named it is so formal, because now the exposition is not only radio and telephone equipment of the past decades, but also the first and unique samples of TVs. Museum exhibits are unlikely to impress with their technical capabilities, but in terms of design - a number of things are analogues in the world simply no. For example, among the exhibits there is a television in the form of a space helmet, as well as many bizarre radios.

Not far from the Radio Museum is the world famous Match Museum. Few know now that matches in the form in which they exist now were created precisely in Sweden and for a long time remained one of the symbols of Swedish science. Museum small, but very informative, one of its halls illustrates a scene of everyday life from the life of a simple Swedish family, showing how fires were made in their houses before inventions of matches. The most informative hall is the hall imitating a workshop for the production of matches - from the first hand-made technologies to modern machines.

Of the modern attractions of Jonkoping, tell about Elmiya Showroom, located near the city center. Initially, this hall was supposed to serve a site for exhibitions of logging equipment and related industry, but now you can see a variety of events. FROM recently the hall has been used as a venue for the annual festival-exhibition computer and video games.

Fans of outdoor activities can visit the local Water Park, designed for both children and adults. There are no huge rides here, but the quality of service and safety meet all European requirements. Sports fans will appreciate the two stadiums in Jonkoping - one summer, the other ice.


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Topic: Information about Jonkoping Sweden.Information about Jonkoping Sweden

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