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Information about Linkoping Sweden

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Tourism in the city has several directions, since Linkoping has an advantageous location not only from an economic, but also from an environmental point of view, hiking tourism is developed here, both within the city and in the suburban area. More than 20% of Linkoping's roads are bike paths, so tourist groups can be offered bike tours around the city instead of the usual sightseeing minibuses.

The outskirts of the city and its outskirts have preserved many historical buildings and attractions, not to mention the unique natural conditions. In summer, tours to Lake Roxen are often organized - fishing and outdoor activities are popular here. Although the lake is not the largest in Sweden, locals regularly travel here.

The central part of Linkoping is a unique collection of architectural landmarks from different eras. Linkoping is one of the ten largest Swedish cities, so walking tours of its historic quarters can take several days.

The jewel of Linkoping's architecture, and its main attraction is the Cathedral, built in the 13th century. The general style of the modern cathedral is attributed to the combination of the Romanesque and early Gothic traditions, although the look that the cathedral has now appeared only in the 19th century. From the outside, the building seems small, but inside, visitors can see luxurious decoration, to which the leading artists and sculptors of Scandinavia had a hand. The cathedral is active, but despite its status, services are held here only on major holidays and weekends. The rest of the time the shrine is open for sightseeing visits.


With a separate and long visit, tourists examine Old Linkoping - this is nothing more than a full-fledged open-air museum. It is located not in the historical center of the city, but on its western outskirts, and there are several reasons for this. The main reason for this location was the very specificity of the museum - absolutely all the wooden structures and the surviving buildings of the old center of Linkoping were moved here. Thus, the city administration saved the buildings in need of restoration and allowed the city center to be built up without demolishing architectural monuments.

The largest park in Linkoping is Wallaskogen Horticultural Society Park. The green area occupies a full-fledged quarter of the city in terms of area and is a favorite vacation spot for local residents. The park is open at any time of the year, and even in winter there is a central fountain. In addition to the fountain, there are several alleys with different trees and shrubs, as well as cozy gazebos.

When traveling with children, you can go with them on an excursion to the Museum of the Chocolate Factory, where the ticket price includes , not only viewing exhibits dedicated to the confectionery craft, but also tasting the products of the factory. Older guests of the city may be interested in the expositions of the Railway Museum and the Museum of Agriculture. Each exhibition reflects a branch of the city's development, so visiting museums will give a complete picture of Linkoping, as an extraordinary city in Sweden.


Linkoping's cultural life is not limited to museums, there is a City Concert hall, where shows of Swedish and visiting artists are regularly held. Outside, the building does not particularly attract the attention of tourists, but inside it is a modern and luxuriously decorated concert venue.

Among the attractions of the vicinity of Linkoping, the first place in popularity is the Flygwapen Aviation Museum. It is located not far from the operating military airfield, therefore, along with historical models of aircraft and other equipment in hangars, you can see the takeoffs and landings of the most modern aviation technology in Sweden.

Another attraction of the outskirts of the city is the Goethe Canal - an artificial waterway leading to Lake Roxen. Linkoping travel companies offer many leisure options. With regards to this channel. The most popular in the summer is the bike ride with a long stop on the bank of the canal. In addition, anyone can rent a fast boat to cross the canal or go to the place where it flows into the lake.

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