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Geography and climate in Bakuriani

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The village of Bakuriani, known since the Soviet era as a ski resort, is located in Borjomi municipality, 29 kilometers southeast of the legendary health resort. The resort is located in the area of the Trialeti range of the Caucasus.


Bakuriani in summer

The village itself is located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. Nevertheless, it belongs to the low-mountain resort zones of Georgia, but at the same time it is the favorable location of Bakuriani near the Caucasian peaks that determined its main resort profile.

Not far from the village is Bakuriansky Andesite – a mining village that appeared here in the 20th century. Very often he is ranked as Bakuriani, however – these are two different settlements, especially – Andesite has nothing to do with tourism.

Important: The only possible way to get to Bakuriani is – this is a route through Tbilisi and Borjomi. There are intercity buses or trains from the Georgian capital to the mineral resort, but from Borjomi it is best to go along the narrow-gauge road, since it was built for the sake of tourists.

According to climatic conditions, Bakuriani is referred to as mountain type of the subtropical belt. The location of the main part of the village in the gorge gives a very harsh winter by the standards of Georgia, and a short rainy summer. The weather conditions of Bakuriani are often compared to the resorts located in the Alpine region.


Bakuriani in winter

Summer in the village can be foggy and cool, the average maximum temperature is indicated at around +15 o C, although more often the air warms up only to +10 o С. Due to the high percentage of humidity, even the slightest warming is felt like a rather warm weather. There are few sunny days, almost 50% of the annual rainfall occurs in three summer months.

In winter, the average minimum is -7 o C. Thaws and severe cold snaps are possible throughout the season. The peak of frost is observed by the beginning of February. In December-January, frosts are below -4 … -6 o С – very rare.

The ski season in Bakuriani lasts from mid-November to March inclusive.

Topic: Geography and climate in Bakuriani.Geography and climate in Bakuriani

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