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Bachkovo Monastery in Bulgaria, Plovdiv resort

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Bachkovo Monastery is the second largest monastery in Bulgaria. The monastery is located 29 kilometers from Plovdiv on the coast of the Asenitsa River.

The monastery was founded in 1083 by brothers Grigory and Abaziy Bakuriani – Georgians by origin. They also drew up a decree according to which the Bochkovo monastery was Georgian. The charter also described in detail the activities of the monastery – church services, way of life, rules for the distribution of posts. The monastery received full self-government almost immediately after its foundation. The landholdings of the monastery were quite extensive and stretched right up to the city of Thessaloniki.

In 1086, Grigory Bakuriani died during a battle with the Pechenegs. In honor of him, according to legend, the Byzantine emperor ordered to build a church not far from the monastery.

In 1344, during the period of the Bulgarian Kingdom, Bulgarian monks settled in the monastery. In the XI century, the Bachkovo monastery turns into a center of education. At the same time, an educational school was created here.

In the 15th century, during the rule of the Turks, Patriarch Euthymius was exiled to the monastery. The exile did not allow the patriarch to stop working with students in terms of religious and educational activities. Later, the monastery was plundered and destroyed, and today, of the surviving structures of that time, you can see only the tomb-temple, which contains unique frescoes.

In the 17th century, the monastery was completely restored. At the same time, the painted church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary was added to the complex. The church was the first magnificent building built after the Ottoman conquest of Bulgaria. On the western wall of the church there are ancient frescoes dating from 1643. It is believed that the painter of the Athonite school was involved in the creation of the frescoes.

Near the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. the Church of the `` Holy Archangels '' is located. According to archaeological data, this church was built in the XIII century.

In the southern wing of the monastery there is a refectory, built in the XVII century, at the same time the main monastery church was built. One of the attractions of the monastery is the marble table, made in 1601, at which the monks took their meals. The table is located in the refectory.

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Topic: Bachkovo Monastery in Bulgaria, Plovdiv resort.Bachkovo Monastery in Bulgaria, Plovdiv resort

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