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Geography and climate in Gudauri

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Alpine skiing center Gudauri is located in the north-eastern region of Georgia – in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region. The village is located on the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range, within the resort the highest point – this is the mountain Sadzele, whose height is 3268 meters.


Ski resort in Gudauri

In fact, under the general name Gudauri there are three small villages with a total area of no more than 5 km 2. In addition to the Gudauri resort itself, there is a small village Kumlistsikhe and a village Akhali Gudauri. All three settlements create a single resort area for fans of active winter recreation.

The population in Gudauri is also very interesting – proximity to Russia has determined the barrier-free Russian-speaking zone, as well as many Russians living here or owning one of the hotels.

Getting to Gudauri is easy throughout the season. Having landed at the Tbilisi airport, you just need to go to the bus stop, see the minibus or shuttle with the `` Gudauri '' poster; and buy a ticket. Buses do not have a strict timetable – they leave as the cabin is filled with passengers.

Important: You can also get to Gudauri by taxi, but it is better to go not from Tbilisi airport, but from the Didube metro station. This route will save a lot of money, even taking into account the transfer. It is better not to drive a rented car in Gudauri – in winter, the serpentine roads of the Caucasus can be dangerous.

The climatic zone of Gudauri belongs to the transitional belt typical for the Russian south and north of Georgia – from temperate to subtropical latitude. The mountainous location of the resort gives thin air, relatively harsh, snowy, but mild winters, without serious temperature drops.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Gudauri.Geography and climate in Gudauri

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