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Geography and climate in Tokyo

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Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and   also its   cultural, administrative, industrial, transportation and   financial center. The city is located in the   southeast of the island of Honshu, in the bay of Tokyo Bay, on the   Kanto Plain.

The total area of the city is 2187.65   km?. In the   west, the city borders on   Yamanashi Prefecture,   Chiba Prefecture in the   East,   Kanagawa Prefecture   South and     Saitama Prefecture on the South   Saitama Prefecture on the island   North , which are part of the   administrative boundaries of Tokyo.

The city has two airports   - Haneda (domestic) and   Narita (external), which accept direct flights from   Moscow.

Time zone: GTM + 9 (+ 5   hours to   Moscow).

h3> Climate

The region is dominated by a humid climate, with   mild winters and   humid hot summers. January temperature in   average is +2 ... + 8 ° С, average July temperature is +25 ... 29 ° С.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Tokyo.Geography and climate in Tokyo

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