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Geography and Climate in Okinawa

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Okinawa Prefecture or the Ryukyu archipelago consists of 160 small islands, of which 40   are uninhabited.

From   north to   south   the archipelago stretches for   400 kilometers and   from   east to   west to   1000   kilometers.

You can get to   Okinawa, Nagoi, Nagoi, Osaka airports , and   also airports of Taipei, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong (daily flight, except   Tue, Wed and   Sat.).

Time zone: GTM + 9 (+ 5   hours to   Moscow ).


The region is dominated by a subtropical climate,the average annual temperature is + 22   ° С.

In winter, it is quite warm here, the temperature does not   fall below + 10   ° С, in June the temperature in   average +25 ... + 32 ° С .


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Okinawa.Geography and Climate in Okinawa

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