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Gudauta. Recreation and entertainment

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Relaxation and treatment

The sea bay, on the coast of which the city is located, is a strip of gravel beaches that turn into sandy beaches in the east. The bathing season at the resort lasts from May to October.

The city has tourist centers, shops, cafes, restaurants, a cinema, rest houses, libraries, etc.

People often come to the resort to improve their health. Most of the sanatoriums and boarding houses in Gudauta specialize in the treatment of the nervous system, metabolic disorders, the circulatory system and the respiratory system.

The resort season in the city lasts all year, therefore boarding houses and sanatoriums in Gudauta are open all round year.


Sea Bay


The history of the city begins in the Neolithic era – at that time in its western outskirts there was a settlement of landowners and fishermen.

The city got its name from the river Gudou, which flows through the city.

According to another version, the city got its name thanks to the Abkhazian legend about a girl and a boy – Ute and Gude, who were passionately in love with each other, but could not be together, because of the enmity between the families of the couple in love. Guda could not live without his beloved and rushed into the river, after which Uta herself followed.

In the 11-13th centuries, numerous fortresses, castles and temples.

In Soviet times,Bambora Air Force Base was located near the city. At the 1999 OSCE summit, Russia agreed to the closure of the Bambora base, but Georgia still maintains that the base has not yet been closed. In 2008, Russia recognized the independence of Abkhazia, so it is possible that the base will be restored.

In the city park you can seea monument dedicated to the victims of the 1992 plane crash. Few people know that the monument is dedicated to the crew and passengers of a Russian helicopter shot down in December 1992 over the village of Lata by the Georgian military.

In April 1993, Gudauta, like many other cities of Abkhazia, was the bombing, and therefore, some of the buildings were destroyed.

As such, there are almost no sights in the city. Worth a visitAbazgia Museum-Reserve,monument to pilots killed in 1943,a monument to the defenders of the homeland in the Patriotic War and others.

In terms of attractions,Lykhny village, which represents the historical capital of Abkhazia, a symbol of its national history. The village is located in a flat area, just 5 kilometers from the city.



One of the attractions of Lykhny isLykh-nyha – one of and Muslims and Christians. Most Abkhazians recognize Dydrypsh as the main sanctuary.

The two-storypalace of the Chachba princes is also noteworthy. In the walls of the building, two types of layers used in construction are clearly traced - – large limestone slabs originally used for construction and completion of the 19th century. When examining the castle, the entrance deserves special attention, which is a brick arch fixed on pillars. The walls of the lobby are decorated with stone arches, and the dome rests on a low octagonal drum.


Palace of Princes Chabcha

Also in the city it is interesting to visitbell towers,ruins of palace buildings,domed temple dating back to the 10-11th centuries. You should definitely visit thethe ruins of a Christian temple located on the outskirts of the village, which was built in the 6-7 centuries.

It is worth visiting the village of Abakhvatsa, located 6 kilometers from the highway. The interesting thing here is Abikhvats fortress, the fortress walls of which cover an area of 600 m 2. In some places, the height of the walls is about three meters, and the thickness on average reaches a meter.

At the edge of the cliff, you can see   a well-preserved quadrangular 4-storey tower. Near the fortress in the northwest you can see an unexplored cave and a ruined underground passage.

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