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Pemba. Recreation and entertainment

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Attractions and entertainment

Arab chroniclers, speaking of the"Green Island", called it at least a wonderful land and a land of abundance. The magnificent natural beauty and fauna make this island unique.

There is no noisy nightlife here, tourists who come here enjoy the most beautiful beaches with pearl white coral sand, magnificent sea and coral reefs.

Pemba is very popular with divers. Diving trips on boats and yachts are regularly organized from the island. The island's harbor has many reefs that are a favorite diving site. For beginner divers, you can find an instructor for a reasonable fee who teaches the basics of scuba diving in the safest place. More experienced and daring divers can set out to explore the underwater fauna.


Of particular interest is the ship"Paraportiani" sunk in the strait - a Greek merchant ship that sank in the 70th year of the last century. The hull of the vessel has already begun to grow overgrown with corals, turning into an artificial reef.

The second most popular type of outdoor activity in Pemba is fishing. Between the coral reefs in the harbor there are narrow straits into which fishing yachts swim - the catch in such a place is ensured.

Ten km from the town of Cake-Cake there is Rujdini - a building dating from , at the latest, in the 15th century. Inside this structure, a tomb with mysterious inscriptions was discovered, which until now no one has been able to unravel.


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Topic: Pemba. Recreation and entertainment.Pemba. Recreation and entertainment

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