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Lake Golbashi in Turkey, Ankara resort

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This lake is located south of Ankara, behind the intersection of the road from the city with the ring road.

The lake is considered the largest body of water in this area of the country. You can get to its bank by crossing the bridge over the Kyzylirmak River. There is a cave nearby.

On the shore of the lake there is a park, there are two mosques, and there are also ponds with carp. They cannot be eaten, as carps are considered sacred.

The lake itself is not too deep – its maximum depth is 4 meters. Its bottom is without depressions, silty, even. Since the lake is clean, crayfish live in it, which are caught by both locals and tourists. The lake is also full of a variety of fish, so the lake is just made for fishing.

It is best to fish from a boat, as the banks are either reed-covered or completely built up with houses. The boat can be rented right here. There are no shops for tackle, so it's better to take them with you.  

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Topic: Lake Golbashi in Turkey, Ankara resort.Lake Golbashi in Turkey, Ankara resort

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