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Lake Wolfgangsee in Austria

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Lake Wolfgangsee is located on the border of Salzburg and Upper Austria, in the popular resort area of Salzkammegut.

Lake area is approximately 13 square kilometers, length - 11.5 kilometers ... The width of the lake in its narrowest part (near the village of St. Wolfgang) is 200 meters, and the widest is 2 kilometers. The western part of the lake is sometimes called Aberzee. The depth of the lake reaches 84 meters.

The mountain lake is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Mount Schafberg rises from the northern and northeastern sides of the lake. On the west side is the Zwolferhorn mountain, and on the south - the Osterhorngrupe mountain range.

The water in the Wolfgangsee lake is very clear and has a beautiful turquoise hue. A large number of fish live here. A small river Ischl flows out of the lake and flows into the Traun.

There are several picturesque villages on the shores of the lake: St. Gilgen, St. Wolfgang, Strobl.

In general, Wolfgangsee is a wonderful resting place. Here tourists can go fishing, swim, take boat trips on excursion boats, as well as take a walk through the picturesque surroundings.

For the first time a steamship line on the lake was opened in 1874, today navigation is Wolfgangsee is carrying out an old paddle steamer, which has been redesigned in accordance with environmental requirements.

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Topic: Lake Wolfgangsee in Austria.Lake Wolfgangsee in Austria

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