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Information about the Helsingborg resort in Sweden

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Unlike most cities in Sweden, tourism in Helsingborg began to develop back in 1707, when the first spa on mineral waters, the springs of which are located in the suburban zone. What is most interesting, this hospital is completely rebuilt and now, dictating for the Swedes and guests of the country one of the directions of local tourism - health courses.

Another area of tourism in Helsingborg is the beach recreation. Sweden's short sunny days attract Helsingborg Bay many guests, including those from abroad. Some of the hotels are built right on the bay, some of the beaches are in the suburban area, away from noisy ports and crowded streets.


The third and most popular holiday destination in Helsingborg Is a long-term excursion tourism. Due to the many wars there are no medieval buildings left here, the oldest buildings date back to the end XV century, but even among them there are real masterpieces of architecture. Also in Helsingborg several museums of very different subjects.

The central attraction of Helsingborg is Sofieru Castle. This is not the oldest city building - the castle was built in the 19th century on the personal order of the city Gustav Adolf V. The Swedish ruler presented the castle to his granddaughter Margaret, who spent here most of my life.

The Castle has its own Flower Garden, which every summer blooms in tens of thousands of flowers. Most of all rhododendrons are here - favorite flowers of the family of King Gustav Adolf. Although geographically the Castle is located in the suburb of Helsingborg, it is considered part of it, and a must-see point in sightseeing tours of the city's sights.

Another of the sightseeing in Helsingborg - Church Gustav Adolf. The temple is one of the tallest buildings in the city - the spire the bell tower rises 67 meters above the ground. The building itself is a model neo-Gothic style, which became popular in Sweden at the end of the 19th century.

One of the oldest buildings in the city is the Chernan Tower - a remnant of a huge fortress complex that served as the defense of the city from the Danes. On the today there are only approximate images of the fortress, and even they cannot say about the area of the whole complex. The Tower itself is a skyscraper its time - its height is 36 meters, and the thickness of the walls is more than 4 meters, which is unable to take any siege weapon. At the top of the Tower there is observation deck with a picturesque view of most of Helsingborg.

The geographic center of modern Helsingborg is marked building City Hall. Built in 1897, this building is still the tallest construction in the city - the height of its tower is more than 60 meters. Interesting the architectural style of the Town Hall - during the design it was deliberately current trends at that time and to complete the main building of the city in neo-gothic. Externally, the Town Hall repeats some features of the style of German castles, which makes it unique in its own way. Twice a day at 15:00 and 18:00 on the tower The loudspeakers of the town hall turn on, from which the folk Swedish music.

On the square in front of the Town Hall you can see a sculpture of Magnus Stenbock - one of the most revered Swedish generals who lived at the turn of the XVI-XVII centuries. Stenbock is known primarily as a participant in the Northern War, and also numerous battles with the Danes. The monument depicts the commander in full uniforms riding on a war horse.

Since Helsingborg has always been a port city, monuments dedicated to the sea, this city is difficult to imagine. The most interesting of the sculptures on this topic is Marine Goddess is a tribute to the memory of all the lost sailors. You can see the monument at the main embankment of the city - it depicts a fairytale woman emerging from sea waves.

The oldest building in Helsingborg that survived all the wars with Denmark is Church of Mary - a huge red brick temple. According to the records of the city archives, the foundation of the church was laid in 1100, but the modern appearance of the church received only in the 15th century, after numerous reconstructions. The uniqueness of this church is that everyone has access to the sacristy - this room has become the museum-treasury of the church's silver utensils.


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Topic: Information about the Helsingborg resort in Sweden.Information about the Helsingborg resort in Sweden

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