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Geography and climate in Carthage

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Geography and climate

Carthage is a suburb of the capital of the country - the city of Tunisia, located 35 km from it. Washed by the waves of the Gulf of Tunis in the Mediterranean Sea.

The most profitable and convenient way to get to Carthage from the capital is by taxi.

Carthage belongs to the Mediterranean subtropical climate. Winters are wet and cool, summers are hot and dry. The average summer temperature is +34 ° C.

The coldest months are January and February, at night the temperature can drop to + 6 ° C. The average winter temperature is +15 ° C. It rains from October to February.

The best time to visit Carthage is from April to October.

Carthage local time: GMT: +1 (-3 hours to Moscow)

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Topic: Geography and climate in Carthage.Geography and climate in Carthage

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