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Platak. Recreation and entertainment

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Platak is one of the most intensively developing ski resorts in Croatia. The resort was founded in the middle of the twentieth century, but now it is being actively modernized.

Large sums have been invested in the modernization of the resort, which made it possible to update the existing ones and create new ski slopes.

At the moment Platak has six ski slopes for adults and one for children, with a total length of eight kilometers. The Radesevo track is 3 kilometers long and is the longest in the resort.


The altitude of the top point of the track is 1363 meters, from where you can enjoy an excellent view of the Adriatic Sea.

The resort also built several cafes and restaurants for the convenience and comfort of tourists.

Ski schools and a children's track are provided for children on Platak. There is a special children's lift.

Platak's unique artificial snowmaking system makes it possible to ski in the warm season.


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Topic: Platak. Recreation and entertainment.Platak. Recreation and entertainment

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