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Mount Sleme. Recreation and entertainment

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Thanks to Mount Sleme, Zagreb is one of the few capitals in the world with a world-class ski resort.

There are several ski slopes on the mountain, which connect at the foot in one place, with the exception of White. The slopes have no names as such, all the names come from the colors, depending on the complexity of the descent.

The total length of the ski slopes is 4 kilometers.

The construction of the Red Route was recently completed, where now , international competitions are held. It also hosts the Snow Queen Trophy every year.

Since the resort is located near the city of Zagreb, which has more than a million local residents, the tracks are often crowded. In this regard, it is planned to build new tracks and increase the capacity of the resort, especially since the Medvednitsa mountain range fully disposes of this.


Important: Those wishing to relax in this resort should book hotel rooms or mountain houses in advance, since Medvednica Park has only one hotel, and there are not so many houses.

There are a couple of restaurants in the resort, the rest are being modernized. The main number of boutiques, shops and restaurants can be found in Zagreb on Llica Street, where you can buy souvenirs and taste local cuisine.

You can also go to Zagreb on various excursions,

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Topic: Mount Sleme. Recreation and entertainment.Mount Sleme. Recreation and entertainment

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