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Information about the resort of Strasbourg in France

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Strasbourg is a city with a rich history and multicultural atmosphere, which could not but affect its popularity among foreign tourists and residents of other French cities. Here, two dominant cultures developed harmoniously - French and German.Strasbourg, which stands practically on the border, has accumulated a great variety of sights and architectural masterpieces in its history, and the general view of the city is a unique example of mixing the best examples of the style of the two countries.

Those tourists who seek shopping tours, the best time for them in Strasbourg is Christmas. During the holidays, all the boutiques and trading houses of Strasbourg hold grandiose sales, in addition to this, the whole city becomes an illustration for Christmas cards. At the same time, folk craft fairs are organized here, connecting the masters of France and Germany.


The main attraction not only of Strasbourg, but of the whole of Alsace is Strasbourg Cathedral. The uniqueness of this shrine is in a number of records that the cathedral has set. Firstly, the cathedral has long been considered one of the tallest buildings in the world - its spire rises above the ground at a height of 142 meters, and secondly, built over two centuries, the cathedral has not changed the overall appearance of the facade since the 15th century, which cannot be said about other shrines of France. Of the interior decoration, the most famous element of the cathedral is the astronomical clock - a miracle of 16th century engineering. In summer, in addition to services, the cathedral becomes the venue for several festivals of organ and sacred music.

The main exhibition complex dedicated to the culture of all peoples living in Strasbourg is the Museum of Alsace. It was founded back in 1902, and changed its specifics several times over the course of half a century. Now there is a huge exhibition of folk costumes, household items, handicrafts and samples of applied art.

Republic Square in Strasbourg is a place not only connecting the historic city center with newer quarters, but also a place where several architectural attractions are concentrated at once. The Rhine Palace is the heart of this architectural ensemble and an example of the impeccable New Renaissance style that appeared in France in the 19th century. Tours cover both the palace itself and the park that surrounds it from three sides.

The second most important building of the Republic Square is the National Theater of Strasbourg. Once the Palace of Parliament survived the terrible years of World War II, when many of the city's most valuable buildings were practically destroyed. Now, in the Theater, completely renovated back in 1995, the most significant performances in France are staged. In addition, various concerts are regularly given here and festivals of theatrical art are held. Opposite the National Theater you can see the Strasbourg University Library - the second largest repository of books and medieval manuscripts in France after the Parisian book collections.

The place from which the construction and expansion of Strasbourg began has been preserved to this day - it is Old Customs. It was built in the XIV century with one single purpose - to control and tax all merchants sailing to the Rhine. The building that we see now is a rebuilding of 1956, after the strongest bombing only the foundation remained from the medieval building. Despite the restructuring, the customs office has retained its most famous premises in its original appearance - a beer hall, which works to this day. The rest of the premises of the Customs are given over to an art gallery.


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