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Ruins of Limira, Turkey, Antalya Coast Resort

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Translated from the ancient language `` Limyr '' means Mother of the Sun. According to archaeological data, the first settlement appeared here about 500 BC.

In the period of antiquity, the Sun served as the main symbol that everyone patronized. Zeus was considered the God of the Sun among the inhabitants of Limira. In honor of him, festivities and holidays were held annually. Today, the city has preserved many ancient buildings that testify to these events.

During the Byzantine era, the city became the largest center of Byzantine culture. At that time, many churches and an acropolis were built in the city, from which, unfortunately, only ruins have survived to our time.

During the Roman period, the city reached its peak. Besides the commercial and cultural side, predictions and mysticism also flourished in Limyr.

Today in the city the most interesting is the mausoleum of Pericles, consisting of two tiers and decorated with caryatids. In addition to the mausoleum, the city has quite a few different burials and tombs dating from different eras.

Also noteworthy are the tombs and sarcophagi carved in stone that belonged to kings and wealthy families.

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Topic: Ruins of Limira, Turkey, Antalya Coast Resort.Ruins of Limira, Turkey, Antalya Coast Resort

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