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Ruins of Letoon, Turkey, Xanthos Valley Resort

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The ruins of the ancient city of Letoon can be seen 19 kilometers from Kalkan. According to archaeological excavations, the first settlement inhabited the city in the 7th century BC. The nature of the ruins and finds indicates that there was a political and religious center here. The city also housed an altar of the union of the cities of Lycia.

According to legend, the nymph Leto, the daughter of the goddess Phoebe and the titan Koya, was the beloved of Zeus. Out of jealousy, the goddess Hera – wife of Zeus, constantly pursued Leto, not leaving her alone. While searching for a place for the birth of Zeus's children – Artemis and Apollo, Summer stopped at a spring to quench his thirst. However, local shepherds drove her away. The wolves saved the goddess from thirst, escorting her to a watering hole on the Xanphos River. In honor of the wolves, the country got its name Lycia, which in translation from Greek means `` wolves ''. At the end of childbirth, Leto returned to the spring, where she punished the shepherds, turning them into frogs.

Later, the city of Letoon arose near this source, which became a place of worship for Leto. During the Byzantine period, the city was a major Christian center. In the 7th century A.D. due to the frequent raids of the Arabs, the city was abandoned.

The city was rediscovered by Charles Fellowes in 180, but excavations began here only in 1962.

Today, a large an ancient theater, which can be entered through a circular gallery. Near the theater there is another monument of antiquity – tomb of a Roman nobleman.

Behind the agora in the central part of the city are the ruins of the main temples of Letoon. In one of the temples, a mosaic was found on the floor, depicting a bow and a quiver with arrows – symbol of Artemis and lyre – symbol of Apollo. Presumably, this temple was built in honor of both Leto's children.

Just behind the ruins of the temples is the Source, which is a rectangular building, which is adjoined by a semicircular pool.  

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