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Ruins of Aytap city in Turkey, Alanya resort

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The ruins of the ancient city of Aytap are located 33 kilometers from Alanya. Today the ruins of the city can be observed directly from the road – they are located in the gorge, on Cape Kemyurlyuk, as well as on the slopes of the mountains.

The city was founded in the 2nd century BC, and as historians testify, the city was named after the wife of Antiochus the Fourth Lotape .

The ruins of the city, according to archaeological data, belong to the ancient Roman and Byzantine periods. This is also evidenced by the coins found here with images of the Emperor Troyan and such gods as Perseus and Apollo Troyan, who were worshiped at that time.

In the eastern part of the city you can see the ruins of a temple built in 111-114 AD Pompey. Also, the city has an interesting harbor, the dimensions of which previously reached 100x50 meters.

At the top of Cape Kemyurlyuk, you can see the ruins of the acropolis, which previously served as the center of the settlement. Initially, the acropolis was a long structure stretching towards the sea.  

The ruins of the city walls, which originally served as a defensive function, give the city the appearance of an impregnable fortress.

After passing along the isthmus connecting the mainland with cape, you can observe the central city street, decorated with columns. To the east of the acropolis, around the bay, you can observe the remains of religious buildings, of which only the basilica has managed to survive well to this day.

To the northwest of the basilica it is also interesting to visit a small church that has preserved unique antique frescoes.

Drinking water was delivered to the city through four reservoirs connected to a drain, laid in the gorge from the territory of the necropolis. The necropolis at that time was located on the northern and eastern parts of the hill. There are very few graves and tombstones left in our time, most of them were destroyed.

Topic: Ruins of Aytap city in Turkey, Alanya resort.Ruins of Aytap city in Turkey, Alanya resort

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