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Ruins of Olympos in Turkey, Kemer resort

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The ruins of the ancient ancient city of Olympos are located 70 kilometers from Antalya, not far from the village of Cirali.

This ancient city was built on the coast of a small river. In the 2nd century BC. the city became part of the Lycian Empire. Until 42 BC the city was often raided by pirates until it came under the rule of the Romans. Olympos reached its peak in the Roman period. At the same time, Olympos became one of the centers for the spread of Christianity.

The city lost its significance during the Byzantine Empire, after which it was completely abandoned by the inhabitants.

Today Olympos is rather poorly preserved and heavily overgrown, and compared to other monuments, it is less well-groomed, but has its own face. The ruins of the fortress walls, the old river bed, the ruins of the theater, the colonnade and once residential buildings are still of considerable interest to tourists.

Popular tourist attractions in the city are the Byzantine-Genoese fortifications, where there are two Lycian tombs inside, a Byzantine church and the pillars of an ancient long-disappeared bridge, as well as the arcades of the former warehouse and the walls of the ancient pier.

Of particular interest are the Byzantine villa, the marble doorway that was built into the cut stone wall, the aqueduct, and the small mausoleum.

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Topic: Ruins of Olympos in Turkey, Kemer resort.Ruins of Olympos in Turkey, Kemer resort

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