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Ruins of Syedra in Turkey, Alanya resort

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The ruins of the ancient city of Sietra can be seen just a few kilometers from Alanya.

In our time, unfortunately, there is not enough information about the history of this city. It became known that in the 48th year BC. the city was visited by Pompey, returning from the war. During the Roman Empire, the city minted its own coins.

Today, the city has preserved several buildings and structures of different eras. In the east of Sietra, there are three ancient reservoirs, which are still used by local residents for irrigating fields. Water in the reservoirs is replenished from the source of Sarnich Magarasy, located nearby. Traces of plaster can be observed in the inner part of the ponds.

It is also worth visiting the cave located next to the spring, in which colored wall paintings were discovered.

Another interesting well-preserved structure in Syedra is an ancient building, around which there is still controversy. Some historians claim that the building was in the past a basilica, others are sure that the building was originally built as a palace. Today, here you can see the remains of a mosaic and small outbuildings that have survived on both sides of the building's ledges.

To the north of this building there is a column street, in different places of which you can often find fragments of granite columns testifying to the wealth and greatness Syedra in the Byzantine era.

A visit to the city's acropolis will also be interesting.

Topic: Ruins of Syedra in Turkey, Alanya resort.Ruins of Syedra in Turkey, Alanya resort

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