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Ich-Kale fortress (Byzantine fortress) in Turkey, Alanya resort

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The Ich-Kale fortress is today considered one of the main tourist sites in the city. The fortress was built in the 13th century by order of Sultan Aladdin Keykubat the First on the ruins of Roman military fortifications. There are many interesting structures inside the fortress, among which you should definitely visit the `` Inner Fortress. ''

In the northwestern part of Ich-Kale, there is a small square hill, immediately behind which there is a steep cliff. This rise is called Adam Atajak, which means `` thrown into the abyss. '' In ancient times, according to local laws, people sentenced to death were kept in prison without food or water for three days. Then the exhausted prisoners went to battle with the same suicide bombers. The loser was put on a bag on his head and thrown into the sea abyss from the fortress.

The construction of the fortress lasted for 12 years. The fortress is located at the foot of the steps leading to the old port. Complex of the `` Inner Fortress '' consists of 83 towers and 140 bastions. Inside the powerful walls are the ruins of ancient Muslim buildings.

The peninsula, on which the fortress is located, has always been practically inaccessible from the sea. Over time, a citadel was also erected here, which can be observed in our time.

On the ground along the perimeter of the fortress there are secret loopholes that connect with each other ornate passages. Today all the passages were covered with bars.

Previously, the entrance to the fortress passed through the bastion, and nowadays you can get to Ich-Kale through a crevice in the wall.

In the middle part of the fortress there are two large vaulted reservoirs, to which there are steep spiral staircases. One of the reservoirs is still functioning today. It can accumulate up to 1000 liters of water. Similar structures are also found in other parts of the fortress.

Basically, all buildings of the fortress, excluding the western part, are closely adjacent to the fortress walls. In recent years, during excavations, a significant number of items related to the Seljuk period, made of faience and ceramics, have been found here.

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Topic: Ich-Kale fortress (Byzantine fortress) in Turkey, Alanya resort.Ich-Kale fortress (Byzantine fortress) in Turkey, Alanya resort

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