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Kitzbuehel. Recreation and entertainment

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Tourism and entertainment

Kitzbuhel is one of the most famous ski resorts in the Alps,   being, in fact, the emblem of the Austrian ski holidays. This resort complex was one of the serious contenders for the 2006 Winter Olympics.

The resort is   4 areas with ski slopes, of which 2 are connected by a network of lifts. The Hahnenkamm slope, the most significant in terms of ski slopes, allows you to easily reach it by a gondola lift from the city.

Trails of increased difficulty level originate from the Ehrenbachhoe summit and end in Kitzbuhel, and the trails for those who prefers less extreme slopes, leading to Kirchberg, connected to Kitzbuhel by a regular bus route.


Gondola lift

Ski area in the resort area Kitzbuehel is located in the altitude range from 800 to 2   000 meters, the total number of tracks – 58, their total length reaches 168 kilometers. The longest track is 6.8 kilometers long.

The sections of the tracks located near the Steinbergkogel summit are perfect for alpine skiing professionals. For beginners, the slopes on the easy and gentle slopes of the Horn are intended, and for those who are confident in alpine skiing, the slopes of Resterhon and Pengelstein are perfect. Having gone skiing you can return by bus to Kitzbuhel in just 30 minutes.

The resort area has 55 lifts, 30 of which are of the drag type, and 15 – to the chair.

Kitzbuhel offers holidaymakers hotels and chalets of a high level of comfort. The cost of living in Kirchberg is lower, but it should be borne in mind that the lifts are located at some distance from the hotels, and not in the immediate vicinity, which increases the time spent on the road to the ski slopes.


Stadtbrunnen Fountain

Every year, the hospitable slopes of Kitzbuhel receive thousands of tourists from more than 40 countries.   The reputation of the most popular resort in Tyrol is promoted, among other things, by the famous Straif track,   on which the world slalom championships are held, and the equally famous Kitzbuehler Horn slope –"Mecca" of snowboarders from all over the world.

Kitzbuhel offers its guests the following opportunities for various types of recreation: horse riding, tobogganing, an aqua arena, 4 ice arenas, various pools, tennis courts, saunas and baths, restaurants and cafes, disco bars.

The sights of Kitzbuhel include: the Stadtbrunnen fountain, the chapel   John of Nepomuk, St. Catherine's Church, Town Hall and Parish Church, Lebenberg castles,

Topic: Kitzbuehel. Recreation and entertainment.Kitzbuehel. Recreation and entertainment

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