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Kangal. Recreation and entertainment

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The famous thermal springs of Kangal are located at an altitude of about 1600 meters above sea level. The water temperature in them is approximately + 35 ° C.

The healing properties of Kangal waters were known centuries ago and eventually acquired worldwide fame.

Accommodation at the resort is possible only within the walls of the Medical Complex ... This is a highly specialized resort, people come here with a very specific purpose: to improve their health, to recover from chronic ailments.

Rooms in all buildings are equipped with a special water supply from thermal springs.

There is a shop on the territory of the resort, a children's park, restaurant, cafe,   16 different baths, as well as a sports class pool.

This unique "fish" procedure consists of a kind of massage provided by schools of fish on placed in a special pool of the patient, and delicate release from dead skin particles. The saliva of these   fish has anesthetic and disinfecting properties, thanks to which various skin lesions heal in a much shorter time.

Hydrotherapy, widely used at the resort, gives a fairly good healing effect, especially in combination with the relaxing effects of various types of therapeutic massage.

Healthy people can also come to Kangal,

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Topic: Kangal. Recreation and entertainment.Kangal. Recreation and entertainment

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