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Palawan. Recreation and entertainment

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Palawan is perfect for both the beach and   for outdoor activities. Best of all here feel   those who prefer diving and   secluded relaxation. The   island is home to rare species of tropical animals. In the   northern part of Palawan is the beautiful El Nido Nature Reserve. Tourists are offered fascinating walks in   exotic terrain, canoeing in   lagoons, and   also an excursion along   underground river.


Diving in   Palawan

Most favorite place for diving and   snorkeling at   many tourists who come to   these places are considered to be Honda Bay. For those who are ready to appreciate the high-quality service, the Dos Palmas resort opens its doors. The prices are quite high here, but the   and   service is at   the highest in the world. The city of Puerto Princesa offers a more economical option for   Palawan.

From here, by a rented boat, you can get to   secluded beaches of Honda Bay. In addition, Tubbataha Reef is great for diving. It   is located at   a distance of 180 kilometers from   the coast of Palawan and   you can get to   by   special dive boats. The total number of sites suitable for diving in   these parts have 1780 reefs and   islands.


The main natural attraction is a combination of picturesque caves connected by an underground river bed. Both   this wealth, and   the surrounding rainforest are included in   National Park"Saint Pauls-Subterranian River".

Those who like the local national flavor can visit the capital of Taitai Island, and   also Rodriguez's butterfly farm. And   of   historical and   cultural attractions stand out Palawan Museum in   Mendoza Park, and   also a"prison without walls", located   23   kilometers north of the city.

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Topic: Palawan. Recreation and entertainment.Palawan. Recreation and entertainment

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