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Varadero. Recreation and entertainment

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Imagestrikes with the splendor of the tropical nature and the virginity of these places. The park was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and in 1971 the swamp received the status as a"wetland of international importance".
The peninsula is also home to the Crocodile Nursery, where you can see these predatory animals and taste their meat.

Varaikakos Natural Park is an ecological reserve with delightful sandy beaches, a beautiful lagoon where mineral salts were once mined. Also on the territory of the park are caves: Cueva de Musulmanes, which is considered to be the place where Aboriginal people lived, and Cueva de Ambrosio, a cave where aboriginal rituals were performed.

The Municipal Museum of Varadero displays a large collection of photographs, archaeological objects, as well as historical documents, maps and objects of the city. The museum is located in a huge mansion in the Villa Dupont, On the very outskirts of the resort is the Dolphinarium, which is a great place for a family vacation, where you can watch a show and even swim with these smart animals.
From Varadero,   excursions to other areas of Cuba. In particular, to Havana, as well as to the nearest cities - Mantanas and Cardenas.


In terms of the number of attractions, Mantanzas can easily compete with any other city in Cuba.

The Palace   Castillo de San Severino is a national monument, built in 1734 to protect the city from attacks by pirates and corsairs.

To protect the city from attack and fortify the mouth of the Canemar River in 1720 was built Fort El Morrillo, which is also a national monument of the city.

Vihia Square is considered the historical center of the city, from where it began its development. The square is surrounded by architecturally interesting buildings, the Sauto Theater, the Hunko Palace Museum, as well as the Fire Department and others

Freedom Square, built in 1800, got its real name centuries later. The square houses the Pharmaceutical Museum, Hall White and Government House.

Pharmaceutical Museum is a French pharmacy owned by Dr. Trioleta, a collection of authentic shelving, porcelain bottles, which were made from precious woods, as well as objects from the laboratory from the mid-19th century.
Church of San Pedro Apostol, built in 1870 in the neoclassical style, is considered the most beautiful on the island of Cuba.

The Oscar Maria de Rojas Museum is a national monument, which displays complete collections of malacology, butterflies, insects, as well as collections of colonial weapons.


There are also many attractions here.

The city of Cardenas was founded in Columbus Square. There is a bronze monument to the great traveler Christopher Columbus, made by the Spaniard Jose Piquet.

The first non-classical structure in the city is the parish church Diocesan Sanctuary, which opened in 1846.

San Martin Railway Station, built in 1875, was for some time considered one of the most significant in the country. Cordenos was the second Cuban city to have this mode of travel.

Ruins of Sonora, where there was once a palace, owned by a French family who settled here in 1800. In 1895-1898, during the War of Independence, the castle was destroyed.

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