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Cha Am. Recreation and entertainment

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The resort is famous for its clean beaches, which are not   spoiled by the large influx of tourists. Snow-white sand, clear sea water, pristine nature around - these are just some of the components of relaxation in Cha Am.

For lovers of active recreation, the resort provides such water sports as parasailing, windsurfing, diving and others. Tennis courts and golf courses in Cha Am are made in the best tradition with grass and synthetic turf.

Shops and shops along the coastline offer everything from the usual trinkets in the form of a shell to amazingly tasty and unusual baked fish.

Excursion tours are organized for lovers of hiking, which will fully reveal the secrets of the resort's attractions. Do not miss the opportunity to ride a bike or take a horse ride around the city. This is the only way you can fully appreciate the picturesque landscapes of the Cha - Am coastline.



Every tourist should see Sam Roy Yod National Park, especially not to be deprived attention to Phrayanakorn cave. There awaits a majestic and magnificent hall, built by Rama V.

Take a guided tour of Kanchanaburi, which is famous for the Road of Death and the River Kwai. This river is famous for those that the bridge over it was built by prisoners of war during the war of 1941-1945. Death Road is a railroad that invaders from Japan planned to build to Burma. Near the bridge you can see the memorial cemetery, where the prisoners of war who died during the construction process are buried.

You can visit the Pa - La - U waterfall of natural origin, which is located deep in the forest thicket. Wat Neranchararam Temple is also worthy of attention, because there you can see the world's largest statue of the six-armed Buddha and the popular Floating Market among tourists.

Popular among tourists are trips to the town of Phetchaburi, which is located 65 kilometers from Cha Ama. There are also Buddha's caves, Suvanaram temple and Phra-Nakhom-Khiri palace, which are famous for their original architecture.

You should definitely go for a ride on Thai pies there, and then take a walk in Sam Roi Yot National Park.

  Tips for tourists

Before visiting the resort, it is advisable to choose a hotel in advance and book a room, because the popularity of the resort can create certain difficulties when settling immediately upon arrival.

Do not be surprised if you hear the phrases"about five o'clock in the afternoon" or"five o'clock in the evening." This form of understanding of time is used in colloquial speech and means 17 hours and 23 hours, respectively European time.


Topic: Cha Am. Recreation and entertainment.Cha Am. Recreation and entertainment

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