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Information about Desroches Seychelles

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Desroches is a small island, so there cannot be a serious flow of tourists here, which is attractive for those guests of the archipelago who prefer solitude and measured rest. There is only one hotel here, but it has a 5-star comfort rating, which automatically increases the cost of accommodation and maintenance. The hotel staff is as courteous as possible, so we can say that the high cost of rooms fully justifies itself.

The coastline of Desroches is 15 kilometers long, which is a huge indicator in relation to the area of the island and the fact that there is only one hotel. From the hotel, located closer to the geographical center of the island, illuminated paths lead to all sections of the beach. The very same beach area, in addition to the signature white sand color, is clean and well-groomed.

Among active sports, windsurfing is the most popular in Deros - it is for this that most of the fans of extreme recreation come here. The island has a theme club, as well as a rental board with sails. From the end of May to October inclusive, the number of windsurfing fans increases significantly - the intensifying wind makes it possible to practice this sport more efficiently. Thrill-seekers can also fly here in December - at this time the gusty wind is still far from the storm, but already allows you to catch a big wave.

Another extreme type of recreation that is very popular on the island is diving. There is only one scuba diving club here, so you won't have to choose. The briefing for beginners can be quite lengthy, and only after several successful dives together with an instructor, a future diver is given an independent opportunity to sink to the bottom. The safety of holidaymakers is paramount here, so a certificate of training is a prerequisite for every diver.

Another extremely popular type of recreation is fishing, which has its own peculiarities in Deros. First of all, local fishing is different in the process itself - every tourist tries to take part in catching flying fish at least once. At certain times of the day, this breed of fish jumps out of the water and often ends up on the deck of passing ships, while fishing yachts are equipped with special nets that simplify the fishing process.

Deep sea fishing is also popular, but it is organized here only in the presence of an instructor - for security reasons. Another reason is the control over the capture of rare species of fish and marine animals.


Since Desroches is a small atoll, there is no need to talk about attractions here. The only attraction of this place is the nature itself and the conditions for recreation. Those who want excursions can at any time go by boat to Mahe Island, where there are a sufficient number of attractions.

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Topic: Information about Desroches Seychelles.Information about Desroches Seychelles

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