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History of Gyumri

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According to historical evidence, these territories were inhabited by people already around the 6th century BC. e. In the written sources of the 8th century, one can find information about the uprising against the Arab rulers in the city, then called Kumayri. Since 1555 the city has become a part of Persia.

The annexation of the city to the territory of Russia took place already in 1804, when the Russian-Persian war had just begun. The city was chosen for the construction of military fortifications and was renamed Alexandropol. The settlement developed rapidly and actively, largely thanks to the guilds of artisans that grew here: blacksmiths, masons, jewelers, weavers. As a result, by the end of the 19th century, this city was one of the most developed cultural and trade centers of the Caucasus.

In Soviet times, the city became Leninakan. One of the most difficult episodes in the life of the city was the massive earthquake of 1988, after which the city actually lay in ruins. The restoration of Leninakan, which became Gyumri again after perestroika, turned out to be a very long process, which has not been completed to this day.

Gyumri's time zone is GMT + 4 (coincides with Moscow).


Gyumri in 1981

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Topic: History of Gyumri.History of Gyumri

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