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History of Dilijan

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Research by archaeologists and found burial mounds have shown that traces of human habitation in this area are noticeable already in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages. The region occupied today by the city of Dilijan was part of the Varazhnunik province of the Ayrarat region of Armenia. By the 4th century, these territories were already part of the Gugark region, here kings and other nobles rested and hunted. Throughout its history, the lands of present-day Dilijan have passed from hand to hand many times, and after joining Russia they were part of the Elizavetpol province.

The name Dilijan was first mentioned in his notes by the French traveler Jean Chardin in 1666. The first mention of the status of a settlement dates back to 1826. It was given the official city status in 1951. The active building of the town with dachas of wealthy citizens of the Transcaucasian republics began. Since 1958 Dilijan – city of republican subordination. Since the late 80s of the XIX century, the city began to form as a health resort, health resorts, dispensaries, etc. are being built.

Dilijan's time zone: GMT + 4 (coincides with Moscow).


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