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Silhouette Seychelles Resort Information

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Silhouette continues the best traditions of tourism in the Seychelles - it is a modern, safe and varied beach holiday, as well as acquaintance with the unique culture and history of the archipelago. Despite the modest size of the Silhouette, the beach area here is vast, and the infrastructure for recreation and entertainment deserves the highest ratings.

The coastal area of the Silhouette is a favorite diving place - tourists come here to dive in these waters. from Europe and many other countries for which the Seychelles is an exotic country. To gain access to the equipment, you will need to take diving training courses conducted by experienced instructors with international certificates.

The sea is almost always gentle, and the bottom is sandy, which is beneficial for tourists with small children, as well as for those who are not very good at swimming. To prevent emergencies, a team of lifeguards is on duty at each beach. The sand on the coast is white, of coral origin.

With regard to the high cost of beach activities, everything will depend on the chosen hotel, as well as the desires of a particular tourist. The entrance to the beach is usually paid, and the price is directly proportional to the number of stars of the hotel, to which this or that part of the coast is assigned. The most expensive hotels give their guests the privilege of free visiting their beaches and using some equipment for outdoor activities.

Each hotel, regardless of its prestige, has its own restaurant, and the variety of the menu will depend on the number of hotel stars. Democratic hotels, as a rule, they prepare local cuisine, which has its own distinctive features and is popular with Europeans. More expensive hotels have restaurants with European and world cuisine.

Another popular activity among Siluet's tourists is walking in the jungle - the island's guides not only lead along safe paths, but, if desired, the group can read a whole lecture on flora and the fauna of the site along which the route lies. Often, tourist trails also cover the territories of former planters.


The main attraction of the Silhouette is Doban Mansion. This luxurious Creole-style building bears the name of the entire noble family to which it belonged. Sugarcane plantations with involuntary workers existed here until the early 20th century, and the last of the planters was Henri Dauban, who became famous for representing the islands at the 1924 Olympics. Now the mansion has been turned into a museum of his family, access is also open to the family crypt and the garden.
Another attraction is Captain Odul's Treasures. Formally, this is not a tourist attraction, but one of the options for walking around the island based on real history. In the 17th century, the island was the secret refuge of the French pirate Jean Audoul, who, according to rumors, hid all his looted wealth here, which tourists and archaeologists are still trying to find. Image

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