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Hisar Fortress in Turkey, Ankara resort

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This citadel – the historical center of Ankara.

The fortress is located at a rather high altitude, so it can be seen from almost everywhere. The building itself is surrounded by two rings of stone walls. The inner ring was built in the 6th century, and the outer - during the time of Emperor Michael II, in the 9th century. Each conqueror considered it his duty to renew the walls of the fortress, so they bear the imprints of different eras.

The four-storey fortress was built of stone. The towers are 16 meters high. On the territory of the fortress there are a large number of houses built in the 17th century.

The citadel was built to defend the borders, therefore it was often attacked.

The gates through which you can enter the fortress are under a tower with a huge dial.

The height of the inner walls of the fortress   – 12 meters, and their width – as much as 8 meters. The highest point of the citadel – it is the White Castle (Ak Kale), which is quite well preserved. There is also a mosque in the fortress, erected a long time ago – in the XII century.

Many buildings in the fortress are now converted into restaurants, souvenir shops, cafes and other establishments.  

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Topic: Hisar Fortress in Turkey, Ankara resort.Hisar Fortress in Turkey, Ankara resort

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