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Kastelholm in Finland, Aland Islands resort

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Kastelholm is a medieval castle located in the commune Sund of the Aland archipelago. This is the only medieval castle on the islands mentioned in the annals for the first time in 1388. The exact date of the foundation of the castle unknown. Today Kastelholm is a complex architectural complex, expanded and completed from the end of the XIV to the middle of the XVII centuries.

The medieval castle of Kastelholm was first mentioned in the treaty of 1388, in which it is inherited by Queen Margaret I from Bo Jonsson Grip. The researchers conclude that it was built in the early-middle XIV century. In the XV-XVI centuries. the castle was flourishing. In the second half of the 16th century the castle belonged to the noble family Stenbock, who opposed the Swedish king Eric XIV. During the internecine war for the Swedish throne in 1599, the castle was significantly damaged, almost destroyed by the troops of Charles IX.

The castle was rebuilt in 1631. In three years The Aland Islands were annexed to the province of Abo, so the castle lost its administrative significance. In the XVII-XVIII centuries. it was used as a prison. In 1745, a fire broke out in the castle, causing severe damage. In the 1770s years the building materials left over from this castle were used for construction of a new prison. Only in the XX century, the castle was restored and open to free visits.

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Topic: Kastelholm in Finland, Aland Islands resort.Kastelholm in Finland, Aland Islands resort

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