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Aland Museum in Finland, Aland Islands resort

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Aland Museum - a history museum in the city of Mariehamn on Aland Islands. The museum is housed in a building built in 1981 Helmer Stenros within the framework of"Project 77".

The museum exposition is devoted to ethnography, history and modernity of the archipelago. The permanent exhibition of the museum consists of eight thematic sections: agriculture, hunting and fishing, sea, society, people, city, autonomy, war.

In the"Hunting and Fishing" hall, visitors are transported to a stone and first people. After 1500 years after that, settlers came to the archipelago from west of Norway. Traces of agriculture have remained here from the Stone Age, from From the time of the Vikings, about four hundred graves have been preserved. As a rule, farms were not collected in settlements or villages, but scattered throughout the islands. The natural climate and favorable soils contributed to the development of rural farms.

Section"Society" tells how paganism in Scandinavia changed to Christianity, wooden churches were replaced by stone ones. FROM over time, numerous chapels were built along the trade routes. The institution of the church here has changed over time, the severe discipline and respect for the ministers of the church.

In the Middle Ages, the Aland Islands were a self-governing province. Ballads were an integral part of the archipelago's life, dances, ditties and lullabies passed down from generation to generation. There were large weddings over several days are common. The main musical instrument was the violin; to her after the First World War joined by an accordion.

The"Sea" section tells about the important role in life the archipelago had a sea. Shipping and fishing are still the leading crafts for most of the locals. Tourism began to develop only with the end of the 19th century, when the first spa sanatorium was founded here. But this kind tourism was lost due to the outbreak of the First World War.

After the First World War, the Aland Islands were given autonomy status. Since 1921, the islands belong to Finland, but they have rights to broad autonomy.

The Museum is open to the public from October to April, in International Museum Day - May 18 and Autonomy Day - June 9.

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Topic: Aland Museum in Finland, Aland Islands resort.Aland Museum in Finland, Aland Islands resort

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